Voice exercise and singing keeps a smoker happy

I think it was Nikolai Tesla who said that all is build out of three things: energy, frequency and vibration. Now how all things truely connect to one another is a different matter, but to connect vibration or sound to energizing and healing factors in one’s life, should be as obvious as the night follows after day.

So what is more powerful to energize and heal oneself than with one’s own voice? What are the sustaining organs for a voice that is powerful? Well, first and foremost, one’s lungs are the tools to carry the needed air, that passes further on trough the airpipe, throath with vocal chords, mouth- and nasal cavities, which defines your voice.

The best way for a trained and healthy pair of lungs is swimming and especially focussing on long underwater dives.  Further than a good physique, training your breathing is the most important exercise in order to sing those long notes right and balance the verse and chorus right, with taking the right gasp of air at the right time and also releasing the right volume in the order according to the mood of the song.

On the other hand, as a smoker it’s also important to never try to temper your coughing when it’s needed, always cough with your hole being, so the boggle is clear asap.

As a believer of Kundalini and Chakra Tuning, I believe and am very much aware of the energizing and healing meditation with sounding your own voice according to the frequency and wording that is given on multiple platforms. Someone even called my conviction ‘Bute Kundalini’… If there is someone who can elaborate on this, do let me know.

This will be it for now… Enjoy the upcoming streams and videos! That will be my main focus in the coming year. Cheers.

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