Sativa Blues Presents a Real Life Test Video: The Weight of Smoke


2017-04-09  9:07:36 PM

Smoking, Spirits and Pains

Nik, the man behind Sativa Blues was already fascinated by the spirits of smoke he connected to. As young as a seven year old, he already consciously stole his fathers old cigarettes, a packet of Gauloises Brunes. Stored long ago, in the cupboard in the living room at his parents house and puffed his first drags, back in the garden. First inhaling slightly and already feeling and approving the effects of smoking.  Just like singing and playing the guitar, I knew this was also determined to become my second nature. Picking up smoking Gauloises Blondes at the age of 15 to quickly smoke his first joint at a festival at the age of 16. Really get the feel for smoking combined with strumming the guitar at the age of 17.  In a way it was a red thread that kept me connected to my inner child. Through many psychosis from then on, it was my inner child holding on to truth, surfacing again and again, but never really died up until this day and still is going strong.

The Movie ‘Smoke’

This next video presented by ‘Sativa Blues’ is a real life test based on an anekdote told in the movie ‘Smoke’. Smoke is a movie published back in 1995, directed by Wayne Wang, Paul Auster. Written by Paul Auster. Starring Harvey Keitel, William Hurt, Giancarlo Esposito and many others. The movie evolves around a corner cigarette shop in which the anekdote and method of weighing smoke is explained.  In the anekdote is told that the revered founder of the method took a cigar and a scale. He weighed the cigar before lighting it, then lit the cigar, carefully gathered all the ash and put the remaining bud along with the ash back on the scale and weighed it again.  The difference between the two results are by this representing the weight of the smoke.

Link to movie ‘Smoke’ 1995

My Test Procedure

In this test I’m now trying myself, I’m using a joint and weighing the roche or filter tip, the skin and the bud of critical cannabis separate from each other, but also combined in order to gather a few more metadata than presented in the old movie, just for the sake of evolution.  The test is accompanied with a set of Sativa Blues Singer-Songwriter musical tracks, songs all centering on the handling and philosophy of smoke and smoking cannabis.

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