Winter Hybernation

Well, there are only few things to do in winter, the most important one is to rest well and sort of hibernate, but as you can see in the winter videos, there are a few things I’m doing, like making some ice-o-lator and a nice wintergrow of powerwidow, that is coming along nicely and as it seems, however I used regular seeds acquired from a fellow grower, the plants are all looking female, but they are stalling a bit because it does get cold at times.

Looking forward to start germinating at the spring equinox, with this new site coming about, with a little help from a friend, I am faring well and am happy… Happy to provide you with the upcoming outdoor grow and I’m not going to mess about with the strains I have in mind planting out…. ┬áHope you follow me on my path and maybe yours and mine will cross some day and I hope by then I will be able to let you taste some of that fine Sativa Blues Bud.

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